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Tune in Tonight! Episode #289!

Hello, OLRmy! We're live tonight with episode #289 of our show! Some of the topics we will be talking about tonight include:

* Did Nintendo REALLY apologize to the core gamers for their E3 press conference?

* Could a Halo-con be in the near future?

* Where can I land one of those sweet retro Mega Man 9 T-Shirts?

* And Hasbro puts the smackdown on Scrabulous. What facebook apps are we going to waste our time with NOW?!??!

All this and more including, as always, your chat comments, phone calls and e-mails. It's all on Orange Lounge Radio, the gaming show where every gamer has a voice. Tune in LIVE at 6PM PST (that's under an hour!) at immediatley following The Bobby Blackwolf Show.

Or, you can always download the podcast tomorrow at
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