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Aural ideas wanted!

If you haven't heard our E3 press conference yet, be sure to listen to this weeks episode of Orange Lounge Radio!

As part of the announcements, we mentioned that due to popular demand we would start releasing OLR parts A & B in one big mp3 file to be released on Sunday. The gap between the two halves of our show will be filled with psuedo-commercial breaks. Not real commercials, but funny fake ones you will want to listen to, as well as ads for other independent and non-profit gaming organizations.

OLR is currently soliciting the following for airplay on our newly combined show beginning next week:

* 30 - 60 sec advertisements for other independent podcasts & gaming websites (Must *not* be a for-profit operation)
* Fake PSA's & Commercials (i.e. "The More You Know")
* "Bumpers" to bring us back to Orange Lounge Radio (you longtime listeners might remember these)

If interested, please check out our forums for submission info
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