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Live TONIGHT with episode #292.

Hey we're back live tonight after a brief hiatus from last week with a new episode, Episode #292. You know we have to take on that whole mess about the Space Invaders art exhibit at the Leipzig Games Convention, tune in to see if our opinions are in line with yours? If they aren't, give us a call or chat with us on IRC about your opinions.

That's not all though, there's a lot going on in the gaming world as well. What will our longtime Bemani fans think of the new Xbox Live Arcade game Beat n Groovy?

Speaking of music games, Harmonix is rumored to be working on a new music game involving the creation of music. What would you guys like to see in a game like this? What kind of music game hasn't been made yet that SHOULD be made? Ya know, besides Didgeridoo Hero.

Just tivo those olympics and Tune in live TONIGHT to Orange Lounge Radio at 6PM Pacific time on All Games Radio right after The Bobby Blackwolf Show.

P.S. We have twitter now!
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