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For your consideration...

Nominations for the 2008 Podcast awards are now open!

Please consider nominating Orange Lounge Radio as Best Gaming Podcast for 2008.

To nominate, simply go to :

Scroll down to "Best Gaming Podcast" and enter in the following:

Podcast Name: Orange Lounge Radio
Podcast URL:

You have to enter your e-mail and some comments but they don't spam you, this is the third year or so we've participated. Unlike previous years, you only will nominate once. Not every day

Show some love to other indie podcasts as well in the other categories! If you have some suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Don't forget there are also the categories of "Peoples Choice" and "Best Produced" but read the rules carefully you can only nominate a show a limited # of times.

Thank you for your consideration! Please help us spread the word and get your friends to vote!
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