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Tune in tonight! Srsly!

TONIGHT in less than an hour on Orange Lounge Radio:

* We have *lots* of friends in studio which means... OLR MATCH GAME!!

* There will be much Chrono Trigger DS Fangasming (new word!)

* More news and leaks on Rock Band 2 than you can shake a drum stick at!

* No you may not has Kratos in Soul Calibur 4

AND MORE, including your chatroom comments, live calls on skype and the telephone, and your e-mails. After all, we're the online gaming show where every gamer has a voice!

Tonight at 6PM Pacific immediately after The Bobby Blackwolf Show on All Games Radio
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Tonight on Orange Lounge Radio #285

Tonight on Orange Lounge Radio:

* We're interviewing Tommy Tallarico from video games live. In an extended interview tonight, he'll talk about the tour, the upcoming CD release, and some of his other work.

* A series near and dear to our hearts is going retro all over again and we couldn't be more excited

* Not sure if you've heard about this little game called Diablo 3? :P

All this and YOU! Our special guest through e-mails, our chatroom and phone calls!

Tonight at 6PM PST on allgames radio right after the Bobby Blackwolf Show! Note: due to problems with the main site, use http://www.allgamesradio.com to listen tonight.
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Happy 6th Anniversary!

TONIGHT on Orange Lounge Radio, Epsiode #284

We officially celebrate our 6th anniversary! That's right, the very first episode of Orange Lounge Radio was six years ago this week.

Although we're not celebrating with anything too over the top, we're going to bring back a couple of old favorite segments tonight, and tip our hat to our music-game-station roots in one of them.

Also in the news:

* The Wii Hack gets plugged up only to be hacked again five days later

* The PSP gets a new firmware and Sony plans to put a stop to PSP Piracy

* The Wii is going to get a game all about NERF.

And much more!

Join us tonight at 6PM PST / 9PM EST right after The Bobby Blackwolf Show on the newly relaunched website for All Games Radio.
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TONIGHT: Episode #283

Tonight, LIVE on Episode #283 of Orange Lounge Radio at 6PM PST right after The Bobby Blackwolf Show:

* A very late breaking story-- Leaks galore from a market research firm leads to an avalanche of video game secrets probably meant for E3

* Did Elder Scrolls: Oblivion get recycled into a new game?

* What's the deal with Playstation 3 possibly "Splitting" their controller?

* All this and your phone calls, chat comments, e-mails and more on the show where every gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio.

Note, allgames radio got hacked earlier this week :( . To tune in, visit www.allgamesradio.com to listen to the feed. Alternatively, you can tune into the feed directly by adding the following link to your favorite internet radio player (Winamp, iTunes, etc) : http://allgamesradio.serverroom.us:7980/
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Yes we are back tonight!

Tonight on Episode #280 of Orange Lounge Radio:

* We're back after an unexpected vacation last week (sorry!)

* A new computer chip promises to end piracy forever but haven't they said this before?

* The 360 is scheduled to go without an update this spring

* New details on RE5

* Someone else leaves the ESA

All this commentary on the week in news along with your chat comments, e-mails and phone calls. It all starts tonight at 6 Pacific Time on All Games Radio right after The Bobby Blackwolf Show.
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Tonight on OLR - Episode #279

Tonight, on Episode #279 of Orange Lounge Radio:

* One listener will get one step closer to the allgames.com super-rare Grand Theft Auto 4 XBOX 360 Elite in a very special PODCAST CAGEMATCH

* The Rez code is finally on the line tonight in a *brand new* OLR game. This is a game that our listeners have been saying we should do for a long time.

* And of course all the latest in gaming news including rumors of Kid Icarus coming to the Wii console and Atari's latest bad news.

All that and more including your live chat comments, phone calls & e-mail on the gaming talk show where every gamer has a voice- Orange Lounge Radio. 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern on Allgames.com right after The Bobby Blackwolf Show.

Click to listen : www.allgames.com
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(no subject)

TONIGHT on episode # 277 of Orange Lounge Radio:

* Grand Theft Auto 4 is almost out and we even have a sneak peek copy in house (yes, legit)... but is it worth the hype? And what do our listeners think of all the buzz around the game?

* Is it really possible the Wii could see a price cut this holiday?

* What's going to be the next Gamecube game re-packaged for the Wii with new controls? Recent Speculation points at an entire series...

All this and your phone calls, chat comments and e-mails on tonights show!

6PM PST / 9PM EST @ http://www.allgames.com

P.S. don't forget about the GTA4 XBOX 360 Elite giveaway contest! Entries due one week from tonight
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Episode 276

Tonight on Orange Lounge Radio Episode #276...

* Marvel vs. Capcom may have met it's match...
* Soul Calibur is coming to XBOX Live Arcade...
* Borderline Porn tops Mario Kart Wii in at least one chart around the world...
* And where can you find a FREE Squeenix RPG??

Oh, that and all the details on an uber-giveaway of a rare one-in-eight xbox-360 elite as part of a grand theft auto promotion. You'll want to tune in...

LIVE tonight at 6PM PST @ http://www.allgames.com

PODCAST tomorrow & Wednesday @ http://www.orangeloungeradio.com
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How to listen to OLR now

Reminder on how to listen to the *new* OLR on Allgames.com

1. Visit http://www.allgames.com in your browser.

2. If you have flash installed, the station will automatically start. Enjoy!

Yup, it's just that easy.

No registration and No ads. Woo hoo!

(For those of you that want to do something more custom, like listen on some other device that's not a computer, you can use this URL to listen: )

See you on tonights show in just a few minutes at 6PM PST!

Oh, and on tonights show we have Farbs... but you know him as the guy who wrote ROM CHECK FAIL. Sweet!
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