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Orange Lounge Radio-- Where we talk about all things Bemani & Then Some!

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Orange Lounge Radio brings you our Bemani Music & More program, featuring hits from DDR, IIDX, Guitar Freaks, Pop n Music, and more Bemani Games! This show also includes other favorite dance hits from Toshiba/EMI's "Dancemania" family, as well as selected favorites from other video games we enjoy playing.

LIVE PROGRAMMING every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights!

Sunday Night @ 6:30PST: Orange Lounge Radio LIVE - The LIVE 3 hour talk program that started it all back in 2001. Live discussion on the latest news & happenings in the bemani world... and then some. Imagine going out with your friends to the arcade to play bemani and the discussions that happen... that's what this show is like ^_^ . Hosted by: Dark Sakura, skie & LOKI

Tuesday Nights @ 7:30PST: Pump up the Volume - Dark Sakura brings you bemani favorites as well as selected favorites from her vast collection of music, everything from video game music to anime music to 80s music. Be sure to join the chatroom to fully experience the show, where you can give Dark Sakura your requests (as long as it doesn't suck!) and play along with some of her interactive content such as Video Game Music Trivia.

Wednesday Nights @ 7PM PST: vanilla skie - skie and his pals RicePrincess and Lankystyle bring you news and updates from the video gaming world as a whole. But since gamers do more than just game, sometimes we talk about news and issues and interesting news stories that affect our lives. The home of BopMania-- answer the video game trivia correctly or be subjected to bad music!

Orange Lounge Radio would like to thank all of you for your support, and helping to make running this station so great & fun!